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BRAND: MV Agusta
MODEL: F3 675
CAPACITY (CC): 251-600
YEAR: 2017
PRICE: €15.500
contact owner Contact to telephones 00357-747808, 00357-99642600 or to email for more information about this ad
OWNER: MV-Agusta Cyprus from Limassol
After being elected the “World’s Best-Looking 600”, the MV Agusta F3 675 is now ready to lead the pack on both street and track. Featuring the new MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) platform, this Supersport boasts an ultra-advanced chassis and cutting-edge technology on a par with the best litre-class bikes.

Nothing less than revolutionary, the MV Agusta F3 675 is a thoroughbred thrill-generator on street or track. The unique 3-cylinder engine – with a counter-rotating crankshaft, a ground-breaking solution previously seen only on MotoGP bikes – and the ultra-compact lightweight layout are just two of many qualities that make the new F3 675 a Supersport of unrivalled sophistication – and an incomparable ride. A look at the MV Agusta F3 675 power unit quickly identifies it as the most advanced, powerful mid-weight engine ever built. A tightly compact in-line 3-cylinder with a perfect combination of forward-thinking mechanical engineering, extremely advanced materials and futuristic electronics. The MVICS system makes it the first mid-weight motorcycle to feature Full Ride By Wire control and, as a result, 4 engine maps (one of which can be customised) and 8-level traction control.
The chassis is a gem too: designed and developed to maximise dynamic performance, it offers optimum rigidity, giving a ‘feel’ that is, under all riding conditions, in a class of its own compared to other motorcycles in this category.
MV Agusta F3 675 styling development has remained faithful to the philosophy that has characterized all previous MVs: a perfect balance of form and function that merge to create a bike unique not only for its panache but also for its astounding performance.

The superb in-line 675 cc three-cylinder power unit on the new F3 pays homage to the world’s most victorious motorcycle brand. It is with this architecture, in fact, that MV has competed in and won an unprecedented number of races and world championships. Today the 3-cylinder engine is back in a Supersport guise to offer up first-class technical solutions and peak performance.
This compact engine is incredibly short and narrow, an astonishing result achieved by assembling the internal components as only MV knows how. With a 79 mm bore and super-short 45.9 mm stroke, the MV Agusta 3-cylinder engine has an extreme over-square ratio that lets it achieve incredible rev levels. Ultra-advanced, it can put out 128 hp at 14,500 rpm and provide 71 Nm of torque at 10,600 rpm. Thanks also to its 15,000 rpm rev limiter, this performance level – a first in this category – is on a par with that of a number of 4-cylinder engines. And talking of ‘firsts’, this production motorcycle also features a counter-rotating crankshaft, thus honing dynamic balance to perfection and enhancing the lightning-fast handling.
Compact, light and top-of-the-category performance: these are the characteristics that make the new MV Agusta F3 675 engine the dream to chase in the Supersport class, an engine set to become the new supersport benchmark. Major contributions to lightness and compactness have come from closed-deck integration of cylinders in the crankcase, achieved via a single shell-casting, the MVICS platform and the use of titanium for both the intake and exhaust valves.
Another unique feature is integration of the oil and water circuits: the oil/water pump system and all relative flow routing is located inside the engine, ensuring the most powerful Italian 3-cylinder ever also boasts a clean, alluring outline.

Contact to telephones 00357-747808, 00357-99642600 or to email for more information about this ad
OWNER: MV-Agusta Cyprus from Limassol