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BMW Gallery: Might-TE machines

BMW Gallery: Might-TE machines

Entering a BMW showroom can be a confusing affair. These are bikes sold with myriad options and each has its own bamboozling acronym. But there is a way to simplify the whole process - just tick the box marked 'TE'.

The R1200GS TE is the range-topping model and as such gains just about everything you could possibly need. It costs £3000 more than a stock GS, but you get what you pay for and aside from spoked wheels and a comfort seat, it is delivered with all the factory fit options. And for 2017 the TE (now called the TE Exclusive) has been further enhanced through engine, electronics and styling upgrades. But at an eye-watering £15,565, is the new model significantly better than a lightly used 2016 R1200GS TE for £2000 less? If you're struggling to tell the difference, the red one is the 2016 model.

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